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Acrylic Jewelry Displays
Acrylic T-Bar Earring Stands

Model Measurements Description Price Order Now
AD-1332 3 1/4"high T-Bar Earring Stand 3 1/4"high $ 2.00

AD-1333 4 1/4"high T-Bar Earring Stand 4 1/4"high $ 2.10

AD-1334 5 1/4"high T-Bar Earring Stand 5 1/4"high $ 2.20

AD-1335 Set of 3 Set of 3 above Earring Stands $ 6.00

Acrylic Eyewear Post Displays

Model Measurements Description Price Order Now
AD-1491 3"high Eyewear Post Display 1 pair high $ 6.90

AD-1492 6"high Eyewear Post Display 2 pair high $ 7.90

AD-1493 9"high Eyewear Post Display 3 pair high $ 8.90

AD-1494 12"high Eyewear Post Display 4 pair high $ 9.90

AD-1495 15"high Eyewear Post Display 5 pair high $ 12.50

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